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Jack McGaughey ( owner of raincity foto )

For as long as he could remember Jack has always been interested in photography. That interest grew, when he started working in the family darkroom processing his own film and prints. The first camera he had was an old Kodak Brownie. Jack spent his early years growing up in the Mission area of the Fraser Valley in BC, which was and still is a great place for a budding photographer. He stayed away from formal training in photography, and developed his own style. The many books on the subject, such as Ansel Adams’ books “The Negative” and “The Print” helped to stir his imagination.

Today Jack is happily married with three children. He specializes in Wedding photography, capturing the happy event that will hopefully last a life-time for his clients. Jack's wife Paulina, works with him at times as his assistant.

Jack has this gallery on the internet as a resume of his work. If you should need further information please contact Jack or Paulina by phone or email.